Exploring off the beaten track – Nusa Penida Island, Indonesia

LRM_EXPORT_20161026_141403[1]Nusa Penida island had been on the top of my list when planning our first Balinese trip, actually our first overseas trip altogether! 

So I was a newbie to travelling, asking the millions of questions I see every first time bali traveller asks. Learning the different towns, extensively researching maps and google, google, google! This island really stood out to me as it had the potential to see some real Indonesia culture, and I was not wrong!

Being one of the less touristy islands of the Nusa island group, we seen only 4 other tourists the whole day spent on this island just off
Bali’s mainland. We had spent our first week travelling around bali, with not much of a plan but wanting to experience the gorgeous islands.

We headed to Gilli Trawangan Island first near Lombok, after a few days spent exploring this island we booked a boat to head back in closer to bali as our last week approached. We found ourselves jumping out of a horse & carriage on the Gilli T, to jumping in the back of a pick up truck on Nusa Lembongan and headed toward Dream Beach. We felt totally lost, a little confused and overwhelmed by this crazy culture we were surrounded by. We stayed in Nusa Lembongans, dream beach huts for a couple of nights due to island having more accommodation available. 


We hired a boat from the neighbouring Island, Nusa Lembongan to take us to over, we got there and our boat guide got us a scooter and jumped on a private tour with us.
So we jumped on our hired scooter and followed these 2 amazing guys for the day down m
any windy, rocky roads to find some of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

First stop was guyangan waterfall.
Hiking down a staircase built off a huge cliffside to a clear & pristine natural spring & waterfall. This place was truely breathtaking & we had it all to ourselves! After the long hike down off this scary cliff face, we got to enjoy the most refreshing swim in a natural spring literally on the side of a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean! We were totally amazed at this hidden beauty we found off balis beaten track.LRM_EXPORT_20161207_142222[1]

We then hiked back up this ladder like staircase and went on to Kelingking Secret Beach. The water surrounding this untouched island was so clear and turquoise blue, we instantly fell in love in every direction we looked ♡ 😍LRM_EXPORT_20161107_192951[1]

We then went onto Broken Beach & Angel’s Billabong. All I can say is WOW. Photos will never do this place any justice. We swam in the seaside natural infinity pool – Angels Billabong before heading back to our boat.LRM_EXPORT_20161030_154748[1]LRM_EXPORT_20161121_130123[1]

This place is truly by far the best day we had in Bali. ♡ I cannot wait to go back and explore the rest of this big beautiful island.


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